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Update: 5-28-21

Last night I attended the public hearing for Bay Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps and their petition to take over our territory. The Regional Emergency Medical Services Council of New York City (REMSCO) holds these hearing for the community to view the process and determine if there is a need for ambulance service in our area.
As some of you know Glen Oaks Volunteer Ambulance Corps has been trying to take over our old territory and now Bay Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps who is a true Bayside community ambulance corps has applied.
As the Corps who did served this community for 60+ years and that cannot now, I have to say one thing…. maybe more than one. The tactics used last night by Glen Oaks was despicable and their leadership unworthy to service our community. We need to have an ambulance service for our community that truly cares for us with integrity, morals and the understanding of our community. Glen Oaks has none of this nor their cult like attitude should be represented in our community.
REMSCO itself at the end of the hearing stated that they work with Glen Oaks since their membership does consist of Glen Oaks members. When I decided to get the corps up and running two of our members tried to pressure me to merge with Glen Oaks but in hindsight , I feel they informed GOVAC of what was going on and this is why they rushed to take control.
People of Bayside, we need to support a Corps that represents all of Bayside and not support a corps that only borders 5 blocks of our most southern tip. BVAC has given their support to Bay Community, we have agreed to have an ambulance located here at our headquarters so that they can respond to our needs. With the help of our training facility, we will provide this organization with EMTs, First Responders and more. In time BVAC and Bay Community may merge together but it will be people from Bayside that will take up the charge and not another town with a few members who live in this area.

Update: 5-15-21

 I wanted to announce after 20 years the crews and personal that went down to 911 have been recognized for their duties on that fateful day.

Thomas John Heffernan
Jason McShane
Jill Jenson Pilato
Jessica Franco
Kathy Parker
Scott Rest
Alex Madera
Joe Vaccaro
Diana Caccioppol Puglisi
Chris Capo
Have been awarded The Excellence in Duty Citation.
Since there is no mention of it in their files and any citation that was given by the city excluded people, I felt that this was the least we can do for these members.


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