Where We Are Going

BVAC Training Facility 200x200 BlueBVAC Training Center & Rescue Response formally Bayside Volunteer Ambulance Corps has had to change with the times. In the five boroughs volunteer ambulance corps are a dying breed because of a decline in the number of new volunteers to replace, long-time volunteers aging into retirement and the lack of donations to help these organization to run free of charge.

BVAC faced these problems and more with the loss of membership and operating license, BVAC had to change. Our community has supported BVAC for over 60 years and we could not walk away and do nothing for Bayside. What we decided to do was to develop a new program and offer training to the community that will help in everyday life plus save lives.

Community CPR

We will help train individuals to properly perform CPR to help people before 911 can arrive.  Our new classrooms with interactive boards, 1GB internet connection, qualified instructors, CPR dummies and the ability to take remote classes, we can train you to be certified in community Adult CPR.

Professional CPR:

With our highly trained staff any professional that needs to be certified in professional CPR for work can be certain to be adequately trained for your professional needs.

Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS):

The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program gives teenagers and young adults everything they need to know for safe and successful babysitting. From getting started with a business, to working with parents and children, to key safety, caregiving, and first aid tips, the CABS vlogger-style video makes learning fun.

And so much more, browse our courses to see what interests you, donate your time here at BVAC or start a new career by taking our advance courses……it’s all up to you.