HSI Program Acceptance & Requirements New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)

  • HSI Adult First Aid and Pediatric First Aid 
  • HSI CPR AED (Adult, Child, and Infant)
  • HSI Pediatric CPR AED (Child, Infant, and Adult)
  • HSI Basic Life Support (BLS)

NYSDOH Conditions of Acceptance

Acceptance by NYSDOH is subject to substantial and inflexible conditions that apply to every HSI approved Training Center and authorized Instructor or Instructor Trainer. A brief summary of these conditions include:

  • Only Traditional Classroom or Blended Learning is permitted for CPR and BLS.
  • The Department does not accept CPR or BLS courses delivered with Remote Skills Verification (RSV).
  • Unique, NYSDOH-accepted, HSI CPR and BLS digital certification cards created in the Otis Learning Manager portal must be issued that include the statement “In-Person Skill Practice and Evaluation”. 
  • NYSDOH-accepted HSI digital certification cards are only valid for 1 year from the date of certification, regardless of expiration date on card. 

Complete Requirements and Instructions

Please carefully read the NYSDOH regulatory compliance requirements, acceptance letter, and the complete instructions for issuing NYSDOH-accepted HSI digital certification cards in these comprehensive documents:

 2023 NYSDOH Regulatory Compliance Requirements for CPR Certification in NYS Bathing Facilities 

 2023 Regulatory Compliance Requirements for BLS Training in NYS Children's Camps and Bathing Facilities